The future is dead,
long live the future!

Welcome to the NeoFuturist Collective archive!

NeoFuturist Collective was founded in 2007 by artist Joseph Young and self-destructed during The Final Noise at the Estorick Collection, London on October 16th 2018. In between, we produced site-specific interventions, exhibitions and performances, drawing on the legacy of the Milan Futurists, to celebrate urban noise.

If you came here looking for Joseph Young’s website, then please visit our sister site artofnoises.com.

Neo Futurist Collective

NeoFuturist Collective

This is the Mother Lode
The Grande Dame
The Ageing Dowager

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Skinny Vintage

Skinny Vintage Investment Corporation

The Ballad of Skinny Lattes and Vintage Clothing (2012-14) explored the links between the financial crash of 2008, anti-semitism and artwashing through the creation of a mythical and shadowy investment corporation, Skinny Vintage.

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Revolution #10

Revolution #10

Revolution #10 (2014-15) began on the streets of London at Portobello Market, and a campaign stall where conceptual politician Giuseppe Marinetti interviewed members of the public about the importance of democracy. It continued with a commission for Brighton Digital Festival and was presented at the House of Commons, London in March 2015.

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