Revolution #10 is an evolving artwork about the importance of democracy.

Revolution #10 takes its’ inspiration from a track on The Beatles’ White Album, Revolution 9, released in 1968 at the height of student protests, the Paris occupation and the anti-war movement. An abstract audio collage of voices and sounds in the style of musique concrete; John Lennon referred to the piece as “the sound of protest”. In 2015, with the rise of the far right across Europe, we feel it is more important than ever to defend the idea of democracy, in the wake of the UK parliamentary expenses scandal and a general apathy towards our elected politicians.

Revolution #10 gives the public a voice in creating A People’s Manifesto – a radical sound installation and performance to express the democratic hopes and fears of a nation. The work begins on a campaign stall, recording interviews in response to the 3 QUESTIONS to make a sound installation of multiple voices and culminates with ‘conceptual politician’ Giuseppe Marinetti (AKA artist Joseph Young) making a political victory speech composed entirely of quotes gathered from the public. A crowd-sourced manifesto that is both a utopian expression of how politics could be and a poetic response to the problematic of modern democracy.


Joseph is an artist working in sound, performance and installation whose work has been presented and performed at Tate Modern and Tate Britain, as well as internationally in New York and Berlin.

His web site showcases a diverse portfolio of work and he is the founder and Artistic Director of Neo Futurist Collective and the CEO of the fictional Skinny Vintage Investment Corporation.