Giuseppe Marinetti AKA Joseph Young
Giuseppe Marinetti AKA Joseph Young (photo: Mike Massaro)

Revolution #10 is an evolving artwork about the importance of democracy by Brighton-based artist Joseph Young (AKA Giuseppe Marinetti). I ask the public three simple questions about democracy and their answers form the basis of a radical sound collage and a political acceptance speech. Together they form “A People’s Manifesto”.

You can take part by clicking the 3 QUESTIONS link above.

3 Answers

Three Answers

1. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for what just happened. I’m sorry we couldn’t get here sooner. I’m sorry there is mess to clear up. I’m sorry for everything that was pulled apart on their watch. I’m sorry we can’t fix this straight away. I’m sorry this is the start and not the end of the battle.

Now let’s build things we are proud of, not apologising for.

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