3 Answers (epic)

Three Answers

1. On behalf of the previous government. I apologise.

I apologise to all the students who’s hoped we raised, in dedication to their future, their dreams, then decided that it was worth no more than a pitch and toss. I apologise to having failed you in all respects.

I apologise to the nurses in our country, who’s jobs we’ve slashes, who’s lives we’ve made as unstable as those they cared for with every fibre of good nature in their bodies. i apologise for filling your hours with the number 0, and reducing your chances of employment to that very same shape.

I apologise to the ethnic minorities, who face persecution and prejudice every day of their lives, on the train, the bus, the street, on the internet because our system of media in this country has demonised you. has made you to be a collective slice of humanity that is anything but violent to the idea of peace. I apologise our news channels have been flooded with the sensationalist headlines aimed at creating a bedrock of division between us all and not reporting the meaningful truth in the context of these situations.

I apologise to the owner of the corner shop, the independent barber, the green greengrocer and the milk man for placing more importance on raising tax for you and preserving the gain of the rich than aboloshing the loss for the poor.

I apologise to everyone for the hard days of your toil that resulted in tax money getting a tan in the swiss alps at the hands of HSBC.

I apologise to the artists, who’s contribution and expressions of humanity that remind us why we do what we do as human beings has been dismissed like a bad draft. London in itself is a theatrical phenomenon and our economy would be dead without it, our regional theatres are our grass roots sites for new artists developing craft and scripts for the future. It is a sheer crime againt our own history to have cut funding for the arts and will never happen again.

I apologise to the immigrants who brought knowledge, determination and a good heart to this country. We disrespected your offers for no reason but our own lack of tolerance and predetermined thoughts. to the immigrants who leeched our public, who stole the hours of cash from us, who swindled their way through our systems and extracted their fill. I make no apology for the clenching fist that is about to close around your neck.

On behalf of my government, i say

Our country, our UNITED kingdom will stand firm in only one way in the face of those set against democracy. we stand together. This country, is still the British Empire of old. within our borders we reach to all parts of the world. we contain such a vast amount of knowledge, culture and inspiration that the only way to effectively harness it’s mighty force is to stand together.Is to allow all the tributaries of these walks of life to flow together and create a vast river. every man and woman. every faith. to accept that our differences are not boundaries but different walks of life that we could gather and understand more about ourselves from. We will do one thing, develop our country with the materials that ensure equality, that ensure peace and above all a soceity that is not divided by lack of understanding one another.


2. without it the voices of those who are not heard, will never be heard. They are already quiet, they feel as if their voice does not belong to them in the arena of society.

our democracy has become warped, it has become a 2 class society, those who have a part and those who do not care for it because why should they waste their voice not to be heard.

a man in a 3 piece suit who walks in parliment is not wiser than a homeless man who has walked around the world.
3. It is time the young members of our society became galvanised in the political action and direction of our country.

It is time to change the thinking that preserving our lives is more important than the building of new ones.

A pensioner is not more likely to contribute to the economy than a budding 18 year old engineer.

Our revolution should level the field. it should redistribute the flow of funds towards the areas that ensure the future growth of our economy which is the young students and young workers. to enable them to become part of the fabric, interwoven in our society rather than baubles that rent space.

our country is thriving on the knowledge brought by immigrants, great, as it always has. britian is not white. the british empire was not white, it was headed by white caucasian males but it’s legs were the trade of the counties it was based in. The East India trading company would be nothing if it wasn’t for India.

However those immigrants who come illegally and those leech our workers tax and send it to other parts of the EU, who steal from those working hardest. Their presence should not be tolerated and should be dealt with in the most severe manner. If you come to this country under the free movement of the EU, then you come to add to this economy and contribute.
if you abuse us, we shall abuse you in turn. You started it, we will end it.

Tear down those in their glass palaces that rule over us as if we were pawns. For one king is no match for a chessboard of pawns.