11th March 2015

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“A People’s Manifesto” will be performed to MPs and guests at the House of Commons, 11th March 2015 @ 14.30

Revolutionary artist and crooner, Joseph Young, AKA Giuseppe Marinetti of Neo Futurist Collective, shares his participatory sound art project, Revolution #10 to MPs and their guests next month at the House of Commons. The art work produced “A People’s Manifesto” asked the public 3 simple questions about democracy over a series of artist residencies. Their answers have been made into a multi-layered sound installation and performance piece. The work, which was co-commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s InTRANSIT Festival and the Brighton Digital Festival, was conceived to promote democracy among a diverse section of UK citizens; encompassing well heeled shoppers in Brighton to residents of Golborne Ward, north Kensington, one of the most deprived areas in London. The project also features soundings from citizens in Oldham, Lancashire.

The questions are:

1)       If you were elected as Prime Minister at the General Election in May 2015, what is the first thing you would say to the nation?
2)       Does democracy matter?
3)       (Complete this sentence) “We need a revolution because…”

The inspiration behind the project came from The Beatles song Revolution 9 on the White Album, which John Lennon often referred to as “the sound of protest”. The answers to the 3 questions have been recorded and layered, making a radical collage of the hopes and fears of citizens for the next 5 years.

Young says “ I wanted to counter the idea being put about by Russell Brand and others that democracy doesn’t matter and voting doesn’t count. My experience throughout this project has shown that ordinary people do passionately care about democracy and the need to protect it.”

The project website www.revolution10.uk widens participation by allowing the public to send in their own texts, images and sound recordings in response to the 3 questions, regardless of where they live.

“A People’s Manifesto” is a non party political project produced by Neo Futurist Collective and Fruit for the Apocalypse. The performance at the House of Commons has been facilitated by Caroline Lucas, MP.

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